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By supporting our project you are helping Ukrainian classical music join the global cultural mainstream.



We are ready for a new challenge, and you can immortalize your name in the history of ambitious experiments.

Join those, who will change the stereotypes of Ukrainian opera and give a new beginning to the modern operatic theatre. This will be such music as has never been heard from the Ukrainian stage, and you will be a part of it more than anyone else.

You can also support any specific branch of our project by joining the way you find comfortable. 


For information regarding support write to us:

(donation upward of 5,000 UAH yearly)

  • Priority tickets for all events within the project during the year


  • Invitations to special closed events within the project

  • Your name mentioned on the public pages of the project and in printed materials


(donation upward of 10,000 UAH yearly)

  • Premium category tickets for the season's premieres

  • Visits to dress rehearsals of the premieres

  • All the benefits of the Connoisseur package



(donation upward of 50,000 UAH yearly)

  • Subscription for the quarterly expert overviews of the best global musical events 


  • Individual consultations about global musical tourism 


  • 10% discount on tickets for your friends and family

  • All the benefits of the Partner package

Corporate partner 

(flexible support system)

Opportunities for your business

  • Influence on the formation of Ukraine's global intellectual-artistic image  


  • New area for your brand image growth: premium positioning of your brand


  • Participation in the process of emergence of world-quality artistic product in Ukraine 

Our patrons

Olga Ivanova

It is a great honour for me to be a patroness of the Open Opera Ukraine project, which has brought together unique and incredible people: Galyna Grygorenko, Anna Gadetska, Nataliia Khmilevska, and a team of wonderful young musicians and singers. 

Their talent and dedication to the operatic art allow them to breathe new life into the fantastical world of opera, elimiate stereotypes and present the masterpieces of baroque opera to the Ukrainian audience. 

The Open Opera Ukraine project allows talented young directors and conductors to experiment with their art, gives young musicians and singers a chance to prove themselves and the chance to learn from the best global opera performers. 

Thanks to the project I can see my contribution to the noble intitiative of supporting opera and talented musicians. For me it is a source of inspiration and new emotions, which allow me to leave the boundaries of my professional life and enjoy the experience. 

founder of the dental chain “Avanto” 

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