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A unique musical project, aimed at both amateurs and experienced singers 

Do you agree that singing in a choir is not the same as singing together? Open Opera Ukraine invites you to put this to the test.

If you have long dreamed of singing, but couldn't make the leap, the baroque choir will rid you of fear, and your voice of trembling. 

"The choir is a prototype of a perfect society, based on a single intent and aligned breath, a society, in which it is important to hear another, to listen to each other".

Georgiy Struve, composer and choirmaster 

Singing in a choir is:

  • Not scary. Everyone's voice is supported by the voices of their colleagues. 

  • A chance to discover your abilities and develop your voice.

  • Training of your musical hearing and breathing technique. 

  • A productive way to spend your free time with family or friends. 

Singing in a choir nivellates personalities

Time to bring down the stereotypes!

Every voice in the choir is unique and has the space to resonate and present itself.

Singing without a music education is impossible

Singing in a choir is, first and foremost, energetic exchange and mutual support.

A bright timbre is necessary to sing in a choir

Contrary to the misconception, soloists often find singing in a choir difficult, as it demands tenderness, not an explosion.

Performing music together doesn't just reveal talents, but also grants a freedom of expression. It will be a practice of musical and intellectual development as well as a way to emotionally recharge.


Nataliia Khmilevska

Choirmaster, artistic director of Open Opera Ukraine

Graduated from Petro Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine as choirmaster. 

Soprano, laureate of international vocal competitions. Doctoral candidate in music studies, vocal teacher, specialist in renaissance and baroque singing. 

Leader and artistic curator of the early music ensemble “Vox Animae”. Performs in the concert programmes of the National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine on a permanent basis. 

What skills must I have to join the choir?

There is only one requirement — you should be able to read sheet music. But even if you are not familiar with musical notation, write to us, and we will advise you on where you can quickly learn it. 

What to expect from the classes?

  • Introduction to a unique European repertoire. These are pieces worthy of becoming the mainstream.

  • Master classes from professionals. The choir is the place where renowned soloists sing beside amateurs. 

  • Concerts, the format of which will be determined by the choir members themselves.

One class — 350 UAH 
Four classes — 1200 UAH 

Family discount and discount for a friend — 10%. 

Every Saturday, at 11:00. The duration of the class is 2 hours.

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