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About us

Open Opera Ukraine is an independent project, which is forming a new culture of consumption of musical intellectual product through modern opera productions, audience development and professionalization of young talent.


We believe that opera is a powerful cocktail of brave ideas, the pinnacle of relevant artistic movements, a magnificent spectacle that takes your breath away. Bringing together a diverse audience of different ages, opera provokes, fuels the imagination, inspires and enriches those, who wish to speak the language of stories-concepts, embodied in sound.

Our projects

Stage productions of baroque masterpieces


Historically informed performance


Backstage, amateur choir and educational programs

Special projects

Our team

Nataliia Khmilevska

Galyna Grygorenko

Anna Gadetska

A qualitative change in the field of interaction of the audience and the professional musicians is impossible without the support of those, who share our values. We are grateful to those, who already support the development of the project, and are incredibly happy to see the widening of the circle of those eager to be included in this process. 

"In my view, the purest 
artform is music.
It is the highest form of art, because music is absolutely intangible".

Marina Abramovich
from an open lecture in Kyiv,
September 2017

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